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Welcome to your Snowflake Designs GymFUNd Program!

First of all,  we thank you for taking the time to register for a Snowflake GymFUNd account! Now, let's introduce you to the program! All of the tools you need to succeed in generating income for your gym or parent organization are located on the left toolbar. I recommend you duplicate your browser tab so you can follow and click along with me! Did you duplicate? Ok! Let's begin!

Affliliate Home

This section brings you right back where you started. Read our glorious instructions, start from the beginning, or just click it because it feels good. The basic information regarding your rates and discounts are also here.

Banners & Links

If you have a website and would like to make a link that directs your customers to a specific place on our website, here is where you can do that. For instance, if you are asking your parents and gymnasts to shop for Boy's Singlets, you can copy and paste our address for Men & Boys from your browser like this into the empty field and click "Get Link" to get your personalized link. By using a personalized banner or link, your customers do not need to remember a coupon code - the system already knows to apply it!

If you have a website and would like to use one of the pre-generated banners, you are welcome to them! These banners link to the Snowflake Home Page, but you will still get credit for all sales generated from that click. You are more than welcome to make your own banners after making your personalized links.

My Widgets

A widget is a wonderful thing! These are a little harder to use but they provide a great user experience on your website as it pulls pictures of products directly from to your website. You can create a New Widget by following the link and then you are presented with a bevy of options! Name your new Widget. Pick a Category to pull images from and if you really want to get specific, you can even filter through the search. Feel free to play around with this tool to get it just the way you want. When you are done, be sure to Save Widget and/or Get HTML Code so you don't lose your work. If you decide to try this later, just hit Back and you'll be right back to your Affiliate Page.


The heart of the GymFUNd program lies in the coupon code. This method is the easiest way to start earning much-needed funds for your gym or parent club. Simply print out the code listed in this tab and place those leaflets where your gym gets the most foot traffic; ideally by your front counter. Show the customer service staff how easy it is to use on their workstation so if your customers have any face to face questions, a bright and knowledgeable face is there to greet them! We have found that the most success is garnered when your gym parents are informed that shopping at Snowflake not only grants them an exclusive 10% discount on leotards and other wear, it also generates funds for your gym/parent club. This dual-pronged pitch is hard to resist. The code easy to use on your smartphone while waiting for your gymnast to finish practice. Just enter the code in the shopping cart at any time for the exclusive discount and your commission!

To make this feature even better, we included a simple button for you to Tweet your coupon code! Just click the Tweet button and your code can be used on your Twitter account in less than an instant. Feel free to change the stock text greeting or even the link to our homepage – make sure to not change your coupon code by accident though!

Commissions & Withdrawals

These tabs do similar functions so I’ll explain them together. They both allow you to track down previous transactions associated with your GymFUNd program. One tracks the commissions made and the other tracks the funds pulled from your commissions. On both tabs, you’ll find a field to request a withdrawal. As stated in our terms, funds from commissions become available for withdrawal 15 days after a successful sale to the 48 continental United States. This gives most customers enough time to file for a return, if applicable. A few exceptions apply to this rule, of course. If your commission is generated from an international order, this may take longer to process. We do reserve the right to terminate the commission and relationship if we suggest wrongdoing or “gaming” of this program. This program is in place to benefit gyms/parent clubs and Snowflake Designs so it will continue in good faith if that benefit is being received by all. Also stated in our terms, the minimum withdrawal request balance is 50 USD. In order to have the funds transferred to your PayPal account, your My Balance must be 50 USD or greater, or this request will error out. If a request meeting the criteria is successful, you will be notified after you click Request Withdrawal. Your request will be reviewed in a few days or less and processed via PayPal. Your PayPal account will receive the balance, less any fees PayPal charges for a transfer, as per the norm.

You are also more than welcome to use the funds in your GymFUNd account as store credit to purchase anything from our catalog. We are the best place to shop all things gymnastics wear, from our own factory made leotards (right here in California) to gym accessories. Plus, our lead times for custom team wear is second to none, with custom team orders leaving our facility in three weeks or less for the majority of the year!


The Reports Tab is all about knowing your data. I, for one, geek out over spreadsheets and graphs! The Sales Amount section shows you the money your links, widgets, banners, and coupon codes brought in. The Transactions section measures the actual quantity of orders placed using your GymFUNd. What can these two first sections show you? Well, if you brought in $1000 in Sales Amount with 10 Transactions, you are doing pretty good. That said, if you brought in $1000 in Sales Amount with 100 Transactions, you’re doing pretty good too! Which is better? Figuring that out is the key to success! Commissions are fairly well explained in the previous tab but it is nice to see a summary of you have performed thus far. Again, who doesn’t love a good chart? Now, the next section is independent from the first three but it plays an important role. The Clicks section lets you know how many users have followed your links to Snowflake. This is good for monitoring your efforts getting the word out. At first, this number should be fairly close to your Transactions. However, Clicks may overtake Transactions by a wide margin due to the nature of the web. This is especially so if you have been very active in promoting your GymFUNd program online as bots love to crawl live links. These crawls result in Clicks and well, it can make a mess of this reporting. The last section to mention is Impressions. This feature has not been fully enabled as we do not plan to offer tiered or “pyramid” GymFUNd’s. You may see some activity in this section but feel free to disregard as false positives.

Underneath the charts (that will appear when you make your first sale/commission – don’t worry if it is blank for a little while), you’ll find the actual reporting section. You can create a Sales, Click, or Impression report from any date to any date, by any period type (Day, Month, Year).


If you have turn over, here is where you can make your changes. Moving to a new gym (congrats!)? Change your address here if you change address info in PayPal to match. If the person in charge of your GymFUNd program is no longer around, be sure to change the name, password, and maybe even the PayPal email. Basically, if any changes occur in your organization that differs from when the account was originally created, be sure to update those changes here.


In closing, as exhaustive as that was, if you have any questions or need help, please contact us via our toll-free line, email, or chat. Be sure that you reference your GymFUNd program and let us know who you are! It’s embarrassing when we have to ask…