We take gymnastics and gymnastics leotards very seriously and we know you do too… but sometimes you have to laugh! We’ve collected 57 of our favorite funny gymnastics quotes that will make you laugh, that will remind you of what you love about the sport and maybe even inspire you.

57 Funny Gymnastics Quotes to Make You Laugh All Summer Long! With an image of a gymnast doing a funny handstand.

Funny Gymnastic Quotes About Being a Real Gymnast

When did you feel like a “real” gymnast? Here are some funny quotes that will help you know.

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You know you’re a gymnast when…

  • You spend more time on your hands than your feet.
  • It isn’t rude to yell “Stick it!”
  • When someone refers to “Ariel,” you don’t think of little mermaids.
  • All the kids you know hang out in bars.
  • Your deductions have nothing to do with your parents’ tax returns.
  • You didn’t have to take science class to understand gravity (and how to defy it!)
  • Your pullovers aren’t knits or fleece.
  • You could flip out at any time!
  • You don’t use lotion anywhere because you want to keep your calluses hard.
  • Your grandma can’t understand how her tiny granddaughter does giants.
  • Splits don’t make you think of bananas and ice cream.
  • You don’t keep your flip flops in your closet.
  • You’re a six-year-old with six-pack abs.
  • When other girls flex their arms, meh. When I flex my arms? Gun show!
  • It’s not a frontflip or backflip… it’s a front tuck and a back tuck.
  • Scales don’t have anything to do with your weight.
  • You don’t keep money in your vaults.
  • You’re head over heels in love … with gymnastics.
  • You like gymnastics … and maybe 2 people.
  • Your world is upside down more than right side up .. and that’s okay!
  • You have ugly hands and that’s okay too.
  • You laugh when football players complain about conditioning at the beginning of the season.

Funny gymnastics quotes: you know you're a gymnast when you spend more time on your hands than your feet.

Quotes About Gymnastics vs. Other Sports

As a gymnast, you know that our sport is hard. It takes dedication, mental toughness and a family commitment when you’re competing. So it’s fun to enjoy gymnastics quotes that show how tough we are and also poke a little bit of fun at some other sports that thing they’re hard. Like football … or rugby.

  • If gymnastics were easy, they’d call it football.
  • After a day of football, a gymnast would be bruised. After a day of gymnastics, a football player would be torn to pieces.
  • Real athletes wear leotards.
  • I don’t ask for the workout to be easier, I ask to be a stronger gymnast.
  • Girly girl at school… BEAST at the gym.
  • All the power of a linebacker … in a smaller package!
  • Pretty in pink (or blue or glitter) but dangerous in a leotard.
  • Gymnastics is for the hard workers, the rest are cheerleaders. (Okay, just joking - competitive cheerleading involves a lot of tumbling and gymnastics moves.)
  • Beam: Because flying off the floor isn’t dangerous enough.
  • Act like a lady, flip like a boss.
  • I don’t need balls … I’m a gymnast, I throw and catch myself.
  • Football - 4 downs, Baseball - 3 outs, Tennis - 2 serves, Gymnastics … 1 chance!

Funny gymnastics quotes: gymnast could flip out at any time.

Funny Gymnast Problems

But we love our “gymnast problems” as these funny gymnastics quotes prove.

  • Being a gymnast means you have the strength to hold on and the courage to let go.
  • If at first you don’t succeed… try doing what your coach told you to do the first time.
  • Gymnastics: the only sport where you’re proud that you fell from 10 feet in the air.
  • That feeling when you’re so excited about the perfect landing that you forget where the judges are.
  • People think you’re sneezing when you tell them you do a round-off onto the springboard (“Yurchenko!” … Bless you!)
  • The floor tells gymnasts “If you fall, I’ll be there for you,” the beam says “If you fall, I’ll drop you and then hit you on the way down.”
  • When you finally do it perfectly and coach says, “Do it again, I didn’t see it.” :-|
  • Blood, sweat and … chalk! There’s no crying in gymnastics.
  • You didn’t fall… the floor just needed a hug.
  • Gymnastics: the only sport where you’re supposed to look like you were thrown from a moving vehicle.
  • Education is important, but gymnastics is importanter.
  • Any time you feel perfect, you can just ask a judge for a reality check.
  • Do you ever just want to do a backflip somewhere but remember you shouldn’t? Me neither!
  • People think you’re speaking Russian when you talk about your sport: Shaposhnikova, Sushanova, Rufolva, Korbut and Comaneci… got all that?
  • Even your hands are ripped.
  • Watching the Olympics and your friends say: “That was amazing!” You: “Her toes weren’t pointed.”

Funny gymnastics quotes: if at first you don't succeed, try it the way your coach told you in the first place.

Gymnastics Quotes About Dedication

No matter how much we like to pretend to complain about the work involved, you know we love it! Here are funny gymnastics quotes that prove our dedication:

  • Yes, you have a boyfriend. His name is Jim Nastics.
  • Complains about a tiny breeze at home. Doesn’t mind that the gym temperature is either Antarctica or the Sahara Desert.
  • If you like falling, gymnastics is the sport for you.
  • Soccer players get shin guards. Volleyball players get knee pads. Football players get shoulder pads and helmets. Gymnasts get a thin lycra leotard.
  • Gymnastics is life. All the rest are petty details.
  • If you never leap, you’ll never know what it’s like to FLY.

Funny gymnastics quotes: yes, I have a boyfriend. his name is Jim Nastics.

And OUR favorite, funny gymnastics quote:

Gymnastics is my passion. Leotards are my fashion!

Funny Gymnastics Quotes: Gymnastics is my passion, leotards are my fashion.