Gymnastics Leotard Survey Results

We conducted a survey of over 600 gymnasts and gymnastics moms (parents) to find out how many leotards you own  … and the results were amazing.

You love gymnastics leotards as much as we do!

Maybe we’re biased, but we think gymnasts get to wear the best outfits and look better than any other sport in the world.

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beautiful red white black gymnastics competition leotard

Even the workout leotards in gymnastics are colorful, cute, and fun. No wonder you love to own them, wear them, and buy them.

How Many Gymnastics Leotards DO You Own?

Here’s what you told us.

On average, you own 16 leotards.

The median was 10. This means half of those surveyed own more than 10 and half own less than 10.

We know it’s not a contest though. No one should ever feel inadequate if they don’t have dozens of leotards.

Gymnastics training can be a big investment in time and money. Especially when you start competing. The U.S. gymnastics team each got 20 leotards just for the Rio Olympics! That doesn’t even begin to count all their personal leotards and everything they’ve received from sponsors.

How many leotards should a gymnast own? Enough to have something comfortable, appropriate, and inspiring to wear whenever you train or compete.

row of gymnastics leotards

That’s why we love an excuse to have a sale for our fans.

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A lot of our fans get their daily wear workout leos from our grab bag. You tell us how many and what size and we’ll pick the color and style. You never know what you’re going to get but it’s always fun and it always has that Snowflake Designs leotard fit.

What’s Your Favorite Leotard Color?

Your favorite leotard colors by far are purple and blue!

Purple is a favorite color for 23% of you. Blue is a favorite for 21%.

We guess that’s why we have so many purple leotards, including several purple and purple or purple/pink ombre leos.

Purple is one of the hottest color trends for 2017. Pantone is a company that literally defines color because of their Pantone Matching System which every paint company, printer, and graphic designer uses to match color.

Just this summer they created a brand new purple color called Love Symbol #2 in honor of the the musician Prince.

A few years ago, their color of the year was Radiant Orchid, another version of purple.

Purple is definitely hot!

Your next favorite colors after purple and blue are pink and then the entire range of teal/turquoise/aqua.

That covers a whole range of beautiful blue-green colors! It’s one of the reasons we love ombre so much. You can get in so many wonderful shades.


When Do You Buy New Leotards?

74% of you said your favorite time to buy new leotards is when they are on sale. You DID sign up to get our sale alert emails, right?  

You’re also very loved and get leotards as birthday or Christmas gifts or rewards from parents and grandparents:

  • “I purchase on behalf of my 8 year old daughter who is in elite gymnastics.”
  • “I buy new leotards when my daughters do well at a competition.”
  • “I get a new leotard when I learn a new skill.”
  • “When she gets a goal she's set and worked super hard to accomplish.”

Your coach cares about you too:

  • “I buy new leotards when one of my gymnasts has a birthday”

Everyone gets into it:

  • “Even the tooth fairy delivers leotards at my house!”

Some of you are product testers for your gymnastics business-owner parent:

  • “When I want to try a new style for my shop, I buy for my daughter first.”

And some of you just like getting new things and buy them when you like what you see (55%). Or when the person spending the money likes what they see!

One gymnastics dad says their gymnast gets new leotards, “When my wife sees something she likes.”

Whatever the reason, you’re always happy to get them!


You also buy them 65% of the time when you wear an old one out or outgrow them. You probably outgrow them, because that’s what happens almost 75% of the time.

It’s tempting to buy them a bit larger so there’s room to grow, and it’s not a bad strategy. The dreaded “gymnastics leotard wedgie” usually happens when a leo is too short. So don’t hold on to them too long! Make sure they fit just right when you buy a new one.

So all these gymnasts growing out of their leotards means there are a lot of perfectly usable leotards out there that can’t be worn.


What Do You Do With Old Leotards?


Finally, the BIG question: What do you do with leotards you can’t wear anymore?

If you get good quality leotards, like Snowflake Designs (and you wash them right) your leotards are going to last a long time.

Most of you do something really great with your leotards by sharing them, handing them down, or selling them to another gymnast.

gymnastics leotards hanging on a rack

53% of you sell or give them to another member of your gym and 50% hand them down to a friend (sometimes you do multiple things which is why this totals more than 100%).

Selling them online, or consignment, or to a friend or another gym member is a great way to help offset the costs of new ones. It’s especially smart when you’ve got great quality leotards that last. We’ve had Snowflake Leotards get passed down through multiple gymnasts before showing any wear.

You like to save the ones that really had great meaning to you, especially those that you wore in competition or that you were wearing when you passed a particular level.

You do creative things with them, too:

  • “I use the material to make leotards for their dolls.” (We sell doll leotards that match, too!)
  • “I keep them and my mum is going to make a quilt when I'm all done with gym.”
  • “We hold a team sale.” (For fundraising? Great idea!)


What we really loved learning was that 30% of you DONATE them to your gym or to someone who needs them but can’t afford them.

While gymnastics is a fun sport that makes you physically and mentally strong and flexible, and prepares you for great things later in life, it can also be expensive. It’s wonderful to support your sport by supporting other gymnasts who maybe don’t have all the resources you do.

We love programs that help make gymnastics affordable and accessible to everyone who wants to train whether to compete or just for fun.

For the nearly 18% of you who have them just sitting in a drawer, or have bags in the attic, we strongly encourage you to find a friend, hand them down, or donate to a cause like Left Over Leos.

Let’s put those leotards to work in someone’s life!


Click HERE if you want to take the survey.

Survey conducted July 2017. 620 responses of which 76.3% were parents, 18% were the gymnasts, and the remaining 5.7% were grandparents/relatives, gym owners, coaches, and former gymnasts. Some questions (color, when new ones are bought, what happens to old leotards) were allowed multiple responses, resulting in totals of more than 100%.

Gymnastics bloggers: If you would like more detailed results, please contact us at [email protected]  We’re happy to share this data and have you quote us as long as proper attribution is given.



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