Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means? Summer gymnastics camp! Whether it’s a day camp at your regular training gym or a week-long regional intensive, it’s not too early to get ready. Keep reading to get our best tips, plus a free, printable gymnastics camp packing list.

3 Tips to Get You Ready for Summer Gymnastics Camp - including a free, printable summer gymnastics camp packing list.

With over 30 years of experience in gymnastics - from being gymnasts to gym moms to coaches - we know what it takes to prepare for camp!

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Here are our three most important tips for having the best summer gymnastics camp experience ever.

Know What to Pack for Gymnastics Camp

It’s not fun to go to camp and realize you forgot to bring something really important. So don’t wait until the last minute to get all your gear together. We’ve created a very handy, printable gymnastics camp packing list (scroll to the end of this article).

Camp essentials include workout leotards and gymnastics clothing, of course, but there are things you might not think of, too. You’ll definitely miss something if you wait until the last minute! So plan ahead now to gather what you’ve got and give yourself time to buy anything you’re missing.

Do a test run to see if everything fits in your duffel bag. Plus, it’s easy for things to get mixed up or lost, so label your items, especially your favorite Snowflake Designs leotards! This great article from The Spruce shares six ways to label your clothes

Finally, again, be sure to use a list! We’ve used and tested our list for years, so you know it includes everything you need. If you’re missing something (or just want something new, fun and cute for camp), we have nearly everything gymnastics-related. You can click here to shop for gymnastics camp in our new Camp Collection.

Gymnastics duffel bag.

Make a Practice Run

Gym moms, if this is the first time your little gymnast is sleeping overnight or multiple nights away from home, make a practice run close by. Maybe they can stay with grandparents or one of their gym friends. If they are really nervous about sleeping over, start even closer to home with a “campout” in the living room.

Another important tip is to help them work out all their questions and potential problems about camp or sleeping away from home in advance. What if they forget something? What if they don’t know anyone?

Gymnasts and athletes, even very young ones, can also be very aware of their performance in relation to other gymnasts. If they are competitive, they may have worries about not measuring up to other kids at camp, especially if they’re going to a camp where they might not know other gymnasts.

Remind them that while it’s nice to be the “top dog,” you learn a lot from other people who are more experienced or more advanced than you are. That’s why we go to camp… to expand our own learning and experience!

Remember to Have Fun!

The most important tip, of course, is to focus on fun! This should be a fun growth experience for your gymnast. While some performance “jitters” are normal, it should be something they are looking forward to.

They’ll be there to learn new skills and to push their own abilities as well as make new friends and try new things.

This tip applies to you, too, gym mom! We know how you want the very best for your gymnast and that you’re their biggest fan and supporter. But if you’re worried or anxious about your camper, or you’re putting a lot of pressure on your gymnast to make a lot of progress at the camp, you’re going to make it difficult for them to relax and enjoy the experience.

We know how intense YOU are, but it’s important that you are relaxed but excited about the fun that they’ll have. Be sure and download the gymnastics summer camp packing list below. And check out our Camp Collection for great gymnastics workout leotards and clothing for fun, cute new camp clothes.

Remember … have fun and enjoy the camp!

(to print this list, right click on the image and select "open in a new tab," then select "print" from your browser menu)

Printable packing list for summer gymnastics camp