The World Gymnastics Championships are held every year, except when the Summer Olympics are held. The winner of each individual discipline is considered a World Champion.

Every competitive gymnast from Junior Olympic hopefuls to little bitty pre-school tumblers working on their Level 3 skills is inspired every year by our Team USA artistic gymnastics competitors.

Inspired by Worlds: What we loved about the 2017 World Gymnastics Championships. Includes a photo of the Montreal Olympic stadium.

We are too! And this year’s edition of the worlds was exceptional.

Here’s what we found the most inspiring from the 2017 World Gymnastics Championships.

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post from Facebook showing girls at gymnastics listening to gymnastics world championships 2017

You Don’t Have to Compete to Be Inspired

Not everyone trains in gymnastics to compete. But from tumbling programs for toddlers and pre-schoolers, to gyms for training Junior Olympic Elites or Xcel competitors, everyone loves to see their sport performed at the highest level. Some of our Facebook friends got to go to the event. Hi guys, hope you had a great time! Some gyms listened to the broadcast during training, including this training gym in Canada cheering on their hero, Ellie Black! 

It can be lonely for those gymnasts who are competing or working on their Levels. Your gymnast works hard. Sometimes harder than anyone else they know outside their gym. They spend time away from friends and outside activities.

They might be made fun of or get teased for missing out. Even other family members may not get it and might question the whole point of all that time. We often see gym moms asking on forums if anyone else has to deal with concerned grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other relatives questioning the commitment. We know it’s a lot of time and money invested in something that other people may not understand.

So we think it’s really important for gymnasts to see other girls on TV, who are close to their age, working extremely hard at something they love. And being celebrated for it.

Organizers Upped the Drama of Artistic Gymnastics

First, did you know that there are FIVE kinds of gymnastics competition?! Acrobatic, aerobic, artistic, rhythmic and trampoline. The one that we’re all most familiar with is artistic, where (women) gymnasts perform short routines on different apparatus including the vault, the floor, uneven bars, and the balance beam.

Rhythmic gymnastics involves hoops, ribbons, and balls and has elements of ballet and dance in addition to gymnastics. It usually brings a lot of drama - especially in the leotard, or more like costume - department.

morgan hurd at 2017 worlds gymnastic competition introduced on stage with flames

They often make us think of exotic birds or flamenco dancers with all the feathers, fringe, and ruffles.

Artistic competition leotards have to follow very strict guidelines. So this year’s organizers did their best to bring the drama to the rest if the venue. There were literal FLAMES shooting up on stage during the gymnasts introductions.

The location of the 2017 Worlds itself has a dramatic history. It took place in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, where the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics introduced us to a very young gymnast named Nadia Comăneci, the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.

Finally, there’s plenty of lighting in the Montreal Stadium as we can see from photos of soccer and baseball games here.   But the organizers chose to dim the lighting until, on TV, the audience was in deep, impenetrable shadows while the athletes themselves were in shining, bright spotlights.

It was beautiful. It looked more like going to an incredible theater production than an athletic competition. We loved it!


You can get the full meet results from FloGymnastics ... 

But spoiler alert: TeamUSA had a great championship!

We have an incredibly deep pool of talent, so the four who went represented the best of the best. It does make it hard, though, we’re sure there were other competitors who could have also represented us very well. There were injuries, too. We wish Ragan Smith a very fast and full recovery for her ankle

From Jade Carey’s silver medals for the vault and floor to Morgan Hurd’s silver on the balance beam, and of course, her all-around gold, we thought the team outdid themselves.

Our favorites?

Jade Carey, of course, because she wears Snowflake Designs leotards for working out and for competition including the competition leo she’s wearing in this USA Team trials promotional poster (she's first gymnast on the left).

world team.jpg

Our favorite leotard at the World Championship was the one she wore for the floor exercises. It was beautiful … except like so many of the TeamUSA competition leos it was uncomfortably high-cut! Not something you’ll see even in a custom Snowflake Design leotards for many reasons including avoiding the dreaded leotard wedgie.

Finally, we loved Morgan Hurd and those glasses  ... so cute! And of course, they were practical. She needs to see clearly but she didn’t trust contact lenses and she’s too young for corrective surgery.

We think it makes her so relatable and that’s important for our gymnasts to see.

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