Become an Ambassador with Snowflake Designs

Snowflake Designs wants to pair up with amazing gymnasts who want to grow and promote Snowflake Designs by sharing their love for our brand through their social media channels. Each selected ambassador will run a 6-month campaign on social media.

Click here to watch our Ambassador Program Video and learn more about the program!


  • Maintain at least 1,000 followers on at least one social media account.
  • Post at least 2 high-quality photos or videos with Snowflake Designs products every week. Be creative! These posts don’t all need to be in the gym.
  • Use the Snowflake Designs social media hashtags: #snowflakedesigns, #snowflakeleotards, #snowflakeisgymnastics
  • Link to the Snowflake Designs website and social media in your posts.
  • Refrain from being an ambassador for other leotard companies during your ambassadorship with Snowflake Designs. You can be an ambassador for other companies, even those relating to gymnastics (i.e. equipment companies), but we would prefer our ambassadors to only represent Snowflake Designs leotards during their ambassadorship.
  • Follow our social media posting guidelines including but not limited to:
    • Be respectful and positive.
    • Only post appropriate content.
    • Any inappropriate content on your account is not allowed.
    • The snowflake on our products must be visible in all photos or videos.
    • Models in photos and videos must be posed in a manner that maintains an appropriate image.
    • Continued training in gymnastics.
    • Have fun and love Snowflake Designs!


  • Receive 3 Snowflake Designs product boxes during the 6-month campaign.
  • Share a personalized discount code with your social media followers.
  • Grow as a social media influencer.
Our applications are currently closed. Keep an eye on our social media to know when we're searching again!