Competition Leotards

We handcraft these beautiful gymnastics competition leotards, just for you! The beautiful fabrics stand out on the gym floor, and comfortable designs mean your gymnasts will be able to focus completely on their events. We can even dye sublimate custom designs for you! Sparkling Premium Crystals add more shine to these gymnastics competition leotards.

You can choose from our stock designs, or work with one of our artists to design a custom leotard for your team! We offer the shortest turnaround times in the industry for competition leotards. Check out what we can do for you at Snowflake Designs!

For more information, and to get started, call us at 1-888-509-6234 or email [email protected].

*Due to the complex and custom nature of these leotards, they are exempt from sales, discount codes, and other offers.

Competition Leotard and Warm Up Suit Production Times

Most long sleeve competition leotards, sleeveless competition leotards and warm up suits found in these sections are made to order. Our time to produce is listed below. These times are maximum estimates. We have some leotards shown below in stock at our warehouse, so a smaller team or individual order can often get shipped immediately. We meet or beat our estimate every time – call 1-888-509-6234 to get an exact time to produce if you are in a tight spot. Production time begins when all sizing and quantities are finalized and deposit paid.

 Please note:  Shipping time is separate from production time and is based on ship method at Checkout.

     February through March            April through July          August through September           October through January     
5-6 weeks 6-8 weeks 7-8 weeks 12 weeks

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  1. Paris Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  2. Valkyrie Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  3. Pizzazz Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  4. Element Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  5. Commanding Gymnastics Competition Leotard | with rhinestones
  6. Panache Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  7. Beauty Gymnastics Competition Leotard | Burgundy Fuchsia
  8. Royalty A Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  9. Finesse A Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  10. Mighty A Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  11. Fusion Gymnastics Competition Leotard
  12. Elevate A Gymnastics Competition Leotard

Items 1-12 of 39

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