1. How To Wash Your Gymnastics Leotard

    How To Wash Your Gymnastics Leotard

    Did you get a new leotard recently? Or maybe you need to freshen up your leotards that you brought home from gymnastics camp? We’re here to teach you the proper way to wash and dry your Snowflake Designs leotard.

    Our leotards are hand-crafted to stand up to years of gymnastics practices and meets, and caring for your leotard properly helps keep it looking as beautiful as the day you got it.

    We also have a video on how to wash your leotard that you can check out here!

    Now, let’s get started! Her

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  2. Gymnastics Summer Camp Packing List

    Gymnastics Summer Camp Packing List

    Gymnastics camps all around the world will be starting soon! If you’re going to camp this summer, you have to make sure that you have everything you need with you. Here’s is our helpful camp packing checklist to help you make sure that nothing is forgotten! Download it, print it, and use it help you shop and pack for gymnastics camp this summer!

    What’s one item that you HAVE to have with you at camp? Tell us in the comments below! Have a great time at camp!

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  3. How to Prepare for Summer Gymnastics Camp

    How to Prepare for Summer Gymnastics Camp

    Summer gymnastics camp can be exciting for gymnasts of all ages. Going to camp takes a lot of physical and mental preparation, though – for both the gymnast and the parents! We did a little research on preparing for camp, and we want to share what we learned with you!

    For Gymnasts

    Packing is not something that should wait until the last minute. It’s not fun to scramble around the morning of camp packing, only to get to camp and realize you forgot something important!

    Especially at a week-long camp, your young gymnast will need to know some basic life skills to succeed on her own

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  4. How To Make Friends at Gymnastics Camp

    How to Make Friends at Gymnastics Camp

    Gymnastics camp is a fun way for gymnasts to work on their skills both in and out of the gym. They’ll spend a lot of the day training, but they’ll also spend time doing other activities and hanging out with their fellow campers. It can be hard sometimes to make new friends at camp. We have a few tips that might help shy gymnasts make lots of friends at camp this summer!


    Be the One to Say “Hello”

    It can be a little scary to talk to someone you don’t know. But it’s important to remember that they’re probably as nervous as you are! A simple “hello” is easy, and can start a conversation that can lead to a friendship! The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more friends you’ll make at camp!

    Once you start talking to an

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  5. Types of Gymnastics Camps

    Types of Gymnastics Camps

    Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s almost gymnastics camp season! Camps are a great way for gymnasts of all ages to strengthen their gymnastics skills, make new friends, and become more confident in a new environment. They’re a great learning experience, and they’re a lot of fun too!

    It can be hard to decide which camp is best for your gymnast, though. We’ve done a little research and compiled a list of the different types of gymnastics camps available for your gymnast. Once you decide on the type of camp that’s right for your gymnast, it will be easier to select a specific camp to attend.

    Youth Camp

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