1. Healthy Snacks to Take On-the-Go

    Eating healthy is extremely important for every gymnast. Eating healthy foods helps you have more energy and strength on and off the gym floor. But who has time to eat a full, nourishing meal when you’re constantly in and out of the classroom and the gym? And how do you resist the temptation of junky snacks, which are easy to take everywhere and eat in a short amount of time? Making healthy snacks is actually very easy, and with these nutritious and easy snack ideas, you’ll feel both healthier and happier in no time at all!


    Popcorn, although it may taste and look like an unhealthy snack, is actually very beneficial to your body, as long as you don’t add an excess amount of butter or oil. Air-pop some popcorn and put it into a small Tupperware or snack bag along with some toppings, such as salt, chocolate (mayb

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  2. Quiz: Which Leotard is a Perfect Fit For You?

    Everyone has a leotard that perfectly matches their personality! Which is yours? Find out now with this fun quiz! Answer every question, and the answers you choose will tell you which Snowflake leotards are a perfect fit for you!

    Question 1

    You’re at a party! What are you going to do first?

    1. A) Eat some snacks!
    2. B) Find the host’s pet to cuddle with!
    3. C) Spend some time in the yard!
    4. D) Chat with everyone!
    5. E) Get out on that dance floor and go crazy!
    6. F) It’s not a party unless you do a little of everything!

    Question 2

    What is your preferred style?

    1. A) Outfits as sweet as I am!
    2. B) All sorts of crazy patterns!
    3. C) Cool colors, like greens and blues
    4. D) Flowy dresses and beautiful accessories
    5. E) Every color of the rainbow has to be on the most fun outfit!
    6. F) I’m here to keep things professional!

    Question 3

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    1. A) Find something to eat!
    2. B) Spend time with my pets!
    3. C) Spend time outside!
    4. D) Improve my many skills!
    5. E) Sing and dance!
    6. F) Read!

    Question 4

    Which of these jobs would you want to have?

    1. A) Baker or Cook!
    2. B) A zookeeper of animal trainer!
    3. C) A gardener!
    4. D) A fashion designer!
    5. E) An artist of some sort!
    6. F) A doctor!

    Question 5

    Where would you like to live someday?

    1. A) In a small community!
    2. B) In a place with a lot of dog parks!
    3. C) Close to nature!
    4. D) In a fancy neighborhood!
    5. E) In a famous capital!
    6. F) In a city!

    Question 6

    What kind of music do you like to listen to?

    1. A) Pop!
    2. B) Metal!
    3. C) Folk/Indie!
    4. D) Classical!
    5. E) Hip Hop!
    6. F) Rock!

    Question 7

    Which one of these words best describes you?

    1. A) Kind
    2. B) Loving
    3. C) Nurturing
    4. D) Fancy
    5. E) Sassy
    6. F) Original

    Question 8

     Where would you like to go with friends?

    1. A) On a picnic
    2. B) The zoo
    3. C) The park
    4. D) To a fancy restaurant
    5. E) Somewhere creative
    6. F) A friend’s house

    Question 9

    What is your role in your friend group?

    1. A) The one with the snacks
    2. B) The one with all of the pets
    3. C) The kind one
    4. D) The one who likes nice things
    5. E) The fun one
    6. F) The leader

    Question 10

    You are throwing a party! What is the theme?

    1. A) A potluck
    2. B) Pets Party
    3. C) Outdoor BBQ
    4. D) Black Tie Event
    5. E) Why should you only have one theme?
    6. F) I don’t need a theme

    Time to count up your answers...

    If you chose mostly A, then you are… Sweet!

    No dessert on Earth is sweeter than you! You always put a smile on everyone’s faces and brighten their day. You always seem to know just what to say to cheer someone up. It’s never a rainy day when you’re around! Some great Snowflake leotards for you are…Radiance, Refresh, Sweet Treat, Sweet Tooth, Unicorn, Watermelon, and Yum Yum!

    If you chose mostly B, then you are… Wild!

    Your heart belongs to animals of all sizes and shapes! We’re pretty sure that you own at least one pet, if not more. You have a kind and caring heart, and are very outgoing. Everyone loves you, including your four-legged friends! Some great Snowflake leotards for you are…Go Bananas, Instinct, Looking Sharp, Purrfect Kitty, No Probllama, Hoot, Wild Cat, Flock Star, and Enchanting!

    If you chose mostly C, then you are… Natural!

    Every free second you get is spent outdoors. Whatever you are doing, it can always be improved with a little fresh air in your lungs. You’re fond of stopping to smell the roses often and never let a second pass without appreciating it. Some great Snowflake leotards for you are…Boho Gardens, Bouquet, Detonate, In Bloom, In Vogue, Lilies, Eden, Spring Queen, Seaside, Tropics, Vintage, and Weather Girl.

    If you chose mostly D, then you are… Elegant!

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  3. Build Your Motivational Music Mix

    Whether you are going to a meet or just pumping yourself up for practice, it is important to start building up a lot of energy and motivation in order to do your best in everything that you do. We know that a lot of people find that music is a great way to pump themselves up and get motivation for the day ahead, which is why we asked you for your personal gymnastics playlist on one of our last What’s Up Wednesday questions (if you want to participate in our weekly question and answer activity, you can do so by following us on Instagram). Here were some of your suggestions!

    Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

                    [email protected]

    The Champion – Carrie Underwood and Ludacris

                    [email protected]

    Wave Rider – Tiesto

                    [email protected]

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  4. Meet our Brand Ambassadors - July 2021

    We have a new group of Snowflake Designs Brand Ambassadors! These lovely ladies were chosen to represent Snowflake Designs, and we are sure that they will do an amazing job. Meet our new ambassadors and learn a little about them.

    Welcome back Nevaeh!

    Nevaeh is 9 years old, and has been training in gymnastics for about 5 years. She’s currently an Xcel Silver gymnast. Outside of gymnastics, she loves swimming, horseback riding, softball, being outdoors, and spending time with her friends, family, and pets. Nevaeh’s favorite Snowflake Designs leotards are Blockade and Seaside. She says that encouragement from her coaches, family, and friends, good music, wanting to improve, Simone Biles, positive messages, and her faith in God motivate her at the gym. It’s great to have you back, Nevaeh!

    Nevaeh’s Instagram: @naenae_gymnastics

    Welcome back Emma!

    Emma is 8 years old, and has been training in gymnastics for about 6 ½  years. She’s currently a Level 6/7 gymnast. Her favorite event is beam, and she was even her state’s beam champion this year! Besides gymnastics, Emma likes swimming, dancing, and playing with her American Girl Dolls. Emma’s favorite Snowflake leotard is Blush Dynamo. She says that her motivation during gym comes from her coach and her parents. We’re happy to have you back, Emma!

    Emma’s Instagram: @tinybutmighty_gymnastemma

    Welcome Ella!

    Ella is 12 years old, and has been training in gymnastics for 4 ½ years. She

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  5. Fun Summer Gymnastics Games

    Summer is just starting up, and it’s never too late to discover new things to do! Today, we thought that we would share some creative ideas for fun games you can play at home with gym friends or family. You could even adapt some of these to play them in the gym!

    Scrunchie Darts!

    With every Snowflake leotard comes a scrunchie, and these scrunchies are perfect for playing games with as well as tying up your hair during gym practice. To play Scrunchie Darts, simply create some targets out of paper to put on the floor or to hang on the wall. Be creative when designing your targets! If you wish, put the targets in different spots, higher and lower or closer and further, and make the ones harder to hit worth more points! You can either throw or shoot the scrunchies at the targets, just like you would with a rubber band wrapped around your fingers. Once you get the hang of it, try hitting the targets with your eyes closed, using your feet to launch the scrunchie, or play w

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