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  1. Introducing our New Spring Line!

    Spring has sprung!

    We are very excited to release our 2019 spring collection! These new leotards are bright and fun, and the wide variety of designs will suit gymnasts of all ages. Let’s look deeper into the new leotards in our spring collection:

    Little Leos

    For the littlest gymnasts, we’ve designed two new leotards in bright colors and fun patterns. Both are made of soft fabric, and the straps and neck are trimmed with soft velvet for comfort and style. “Weather Girl” features rainbows scattered across bright neon stripes of color. “Rainbow Prism” is made from a colorful, geometric fabric. It really looks like a rainbow prism! These little leotards are sized from child extra-extra small up to child large. Even the littlest gymnasts can enjoy these leos!

    Little Leos

    "Weather Girl," left, and "Rainbow Prism," right.

    Sublimated Selection

    We can’t forget our sublimated leotards! Our spring collection features five beautiful new sublimated designs, ranging from cute and colorful to elegant. All are made with a shimmery starlet fabric, so they shine on the gym floor. “Bee Yourself” is a bee-themed leo, complete with a stinger and wings printed on the back! “Geometric” is a simpler design, but the bright colors and sharp lines will make your gymnast stand out. “Monarch” features a beautiful butterfly detail on the waist, printed over a blue-pink-purple ombre and decorated with pink rhinestones. “April Showers” is a black and white leo with a shower of pink and red flowers that gather at the waist of the leo like a belt. And “Spring Queen” is a redesign of our popular “Winter Princess” leotard. The rainbow colors make the elegant black design pop! This leo also sparkles with rhinestones.

    Sublimated Selection

    From left: "Bee Yourself," "Geometric," "Monarch," "April Showers," and "Spring Queen"

    Unique Backs

    Some of our new leotards feature unique back-styles! “Gypsy Paisley” comes in two fun colors, both with a small slit across the back and a mesh panel in a complementing color. “Springtime” is an abstract pastel leotard with turquoise straps that join into a t-back style. All three of these leos are colorful and are sure to stand out!

    Unique Backs

    From left: "Gypsy Paisley, pink," "Gypsy Paisley, blue," "Springtime"

    New Colors

    Our popular “Cascade” leotard line is getting a few new colors: a white starlet fabric and a shiny turquoise fabric! These make great team leotards, and are great for practice too! “High Def” is an all-new design with futuristic bands of color that look like they’re glowing. Magenta sides and straps perfectly complement this bright leotard design!

    New Colors

    From left: "Cascade, turquoise," "Cascade, white," "High Def"

    There’s more! Many of these designs can be ordered with a matching grip bag or doll leotard. Some of the sublimated designs can even be personalized with your gymnast’s name!

    There’s so much to see in our new spring collection. Visit the Spring Collection section of our website to read more about these beautiful new leotards, and to place your order now!

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  2. Gymnastics Fun At Home!

    The winter weather this last week has been oh-so-cold, especially in the Midwest of the United States! Lots of snow, ice, and cold winds have kept people from leaving home to go to school or work. There’s a good chance some gymnasts weren’t even able to get to the gym for a while!

    Gymnastics is a sport built on strength, so skipping practice can really set a gymnast back in their training. To help the gymnasts stuck at home, or for any gymnasts wanting to stay active on their days off, we’ve put together a list of some fun gymnastics activities you can do at home!

    Before we start, it is incredibly important that your gymnasts stay safe when working on gymnastics skills at home. Without a trained coach there to spot them, it is easier to get injured. There are some skills we don’t recommend they try at home, like advanced tumbling or bars. The best way to do this is to ask your gymnast’s coach what they can safely work on at home.

    Snowy Gymnast

    This is what a lot of gymnasts in the Midwest probably look like right now! This is Ambassador Piper, modeling her Snowflake leo in the snow!


    Stretching is a simple way to keep up on gymnastics training at home! Gymnastics is all about flexibility, and skipping days of stretching at practice can quickly have an effect on a gymnast’s flexibility. Have your gymnast go through their normal stretching routine like they would at practice. They can work on improving their splits, and can use a stepstool or other low piece of furniture to practice their oversplits if they can.

    Splits Oversplits


    Conditioning is very easy to do at home! Pushups, sit-ups, and other conditioning activities done at the gym without equipment can be done at home as well. This will help your gymnast keep up their strength, and maybe even improve it when they can’t be in the gym!

    Their Floor Routine

    While it is not safe to practice all of their tumbling at home, your gymnast can still run through their floor routine. They can practice the dance moves and walk through the tumbling portions of the routine. This will help them remember their routine even better when they perform at a meet.

    Floor Routine

    Obstacle Courses

    An obstacle course is a fun way to engage a restless gymnast stuck at home! Set up tape lines on the floor to mark stations, and have your gymnast practice different skills like jumping, turning, stretching, or conditioning at each station. Or, lay out a long line and have your gymnast run some beam drills as if they were on an actual balance beam. This will improve their balance and give them a chance to have some gym fun at home! The whole family can even get involved!

    Practicing their gymnastics at home will help keep gymnasts warm in the cold weather and having fun while they’re stuck at home. If you have any more ideas, suggest them to us on our social media!


    If you're looking for warm gymnnastics clothes for your gymnast, take a look at our clothing line, available on our website! There are so many soft sweatshirts and warm pants to choose from, plus cute t-shirts and tank tops for the gymnast dreaming of warmer weather!


    Don’t forget to enter our “What is Gymnastics?” contest that ends next month! Read our last blog post for details.

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  3. What is Gymnastics to You?

    Gymnastics has many different meanings. In a dictionary, it is defined as “exercises developing or displaying physical agility and coordination”. This definition only scratches the surface of what gymnastics really is, though. It’s easy to define gymnastics when you ask: why gymnastics?

    Snowflake is Gymnastics

    So, why gymnastics? We put our heads together and came up with a few reasons.

    Gymnasts have a certain energy and passion for their sport that is hard to find anywhere else. They go to the gym multiple times a week to train hard and become the strongest they can be. There is no friendship stronger than that between teammates who train and compete together. Some gymnasts enjoy the thrill and pressure of competitions, while others are simply training for fun.

    There is so much to learn from gymnastics, too. Gymnasts learn to face obstacles and conquer their fears. They develop important skills for life like time management: it takes a lot of effort to balance school and training! Their coaches teach them good sportsmanship and discipline. Gymnasts learn how to grow past tough times and come out stronger in the end. They gain confidence in themselves and learn how to be leaders.

     Above all, gymnasts keep training in gymnastics because they love it, and they’re having fun!

    Fun, family, and confidence… all of these things have to do with gymnastics, but they also have to do with us! Here at Snowflake, we are a family who enjoy working together to design beautiful leotards. We are confident in the quality of our leotards. We know that every leotard we send out will support a gymnast through every hard day of training and every new achievement in the gym for years to come. Our team loves to have fun while we work, and we love seeing how happy our leotards make gymnasts around the world!

    So that’s what gymnastics means to us. Now it’s your turn! We’re running a contest to see what gymnastics means to all of you.

    • Make a 30-60 second video, or write a paragraph or two (100-300 words), and share your answer.
    • Make sure you wear a Snowflake leotard in your video, or post a photo of you in your Snowflake leotard with your writing.
    • Post your answer to Facebook or Instagram. Make sure you tag us in your post, and use these hashtags: #snowflakeisgymnastics and #snowflakedesignscontest
    • You must like our Facebook and Instagram pages to be considered for a prize!
    • Your account or post must be "public" so we can see it!
    • Contest open now until March 8, 2019. We will announce the winners on March 15, 2019.

    We will pick 3 winners at the end of the contest. The grand prize winner will win 1 new leotard from every new line we launch this year! That’s 5 leotards throughout the year! 2nd and 3rd place will win some more amazing prizes! We will share more of our favorite answers on our social media over the next few weeks.

    So what are you waiting for? Tell us what gymnastics means to you!

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  4. Gymnastics Goals: The 3 Kinds You Must Set for Success

    Gymnastics Goals - by Snowflake Designs Gymnastics Leotards

    Gymnastics goals ... we all need them, but where to start!?

    There are so many options and ideas. If you search for gymnastics goals you’ll find plenty of “how to” advice and a lot of gymnastics goals sheets you can download.

    But before you begin working on that big list of accomplishments for this year, be sure you’ve got at least one or two goals in each of these areas: performance, health and fun!

    Performance Goals

    It’s easy to set goals during the competition season: win! But winning isn’t always going to be something that you can rely on (unless you’re Simone!) and it’s something you often don’t have control over. Choose goals that are under your control and aren’t tied to judging yourself or being judged. Yes, you can aim to score higher, add more difficulty, or hit all of your routines. Also look at goals like feeling more confident or supporting and encouraging your team mates.

    If you’re not competing, moving up a level is a huge goal so you might want to break it down. Skill progression is of course a great set of goals to have for each level. You might also work on goals like attending a certain number of practices in a row or practicing at home every day for a certain amount of time.

    gymnastics goals - grab them  gymnastics girl in a leotard

    Health Goals

    You can’t accomplish your performance goals if you’re tired, dehydrated or injured! Choose a health goal that supports and nurtures either your physical health or mental health.

    Reach a healthy goal to drink more water by substituting one soda per day for a bottle of water. Or swap out one sugary snack for a piece of fruit each day.

    Think about your mental health, too. We’ve talked about mental toughness for gymnasts and it’s not always about being tough all the time! Be sure to talk to yourself the way you would a friend - with kindness and encouragement.

    Fun Goals

    Finally, set some fun goals! Isn’t that why you got into gymnastics in the first place? To have fun! And to grow and build up great skills that will help you later in life and after gymnasts, too.

    At Snowflake Designs, we embrace the idea of working hard and playing hard. It’s why we put so much fun into our leotard designs … from unicorns to elephants to crazy fun color combinations!

    One of our favorite fun things is our wacky Wednesday Facebook and Instagramposts where we love to share your pictures of you upside down, flipped around or just having fun. Post your wackiest picture and tag us with #snowflakedesigns 

    Gymnastics Goals for strong gymnasts

    And if your gymnastics goals include opening a box of amazing gymnastics clothing and gear (and telling your friends!) apply to become one of our Snowflake Designs Brand Ambassadors.

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  5. Everything Unicorn! Leotards & Accessories - The Complete List

    Unicorn leotards! Unicorn socks! Unicorn grip bags!

    There are unicorns everywhere at Snowflake Designs!

    Sometimes unicorns are very hard to find, but not here. We've put every single one of our unicorn leotards and accessories right on this page so you can shop and grab them all if you want.

    Are you ready for some unicorns? We are too... so here they come!

    Winter Unicorn Gymnastics Leotard

    winter unicorn leotard



    Winter Unicorn Matching Doll Leotard

    winter unicorn doll leotard 18" doll



    Believe (in unicorns!) Leotard  VERY LIMITED SUPPLY of fabric and sizes in stock.

    Believe in unicorns leotard



    Unicorn Gymnastics Socks

    unicorn gymnastics socks



    Unicorn Gymnastics Leotard (sublimated design on Mystique fabric)

    unicorn gymnastics leotard - sublimated design on Mystique fabric



    Unicorn Gymnastics Leotard Matching Doll Leotard

    gymnastics unicorn leotard for 18" doll



    Unicorn Personalized Gymastics Grip Bag

    unicorn personalized gymnastics grip bag



    The Spooky Unicorn Leotard was a very limited-edition design for Halloween 2018 and is no longer avaiilable. If you don't want to miss any of our special designs, limited editions or great sales, click here to get on our VIP email list today! 

    spooky unicorn leotard - no longer available

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