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  1. Everything Unicorn! Leotards & Accessories - The Complete List

    Unicorn leotards! Unicorn socks! Unicorn grip bags!

    There are unicorns everywhere at Snowflake Designs!

    Sometimes unicorns are very hard to find, but not here. We've put every single one of our unicorn leotards and accessories right on this page so you can shop and grab them all if you want.

    Are you ready for some unicorns? We are too... so here they come!

    Winter Unicorn Gymnastics Leotard

    winter unicorn leotard



    Winter Unicorn Matching Doll Leotard

    winter unicorn doll leotard 18" doll



    Believe (in unicorns!) Leotard  VERY LIMITED SUPPLY of fabric and sizes in stock.

    Believe in unicorns leotard



    Unicorn Gymnastics Socks

    unicorn gymnastics socks



    Unicorn Gymnastics Leotard (sublimated design on Mystique fabric)

    unicorn gymnastics leotard - sublimated design on Mystique fabric



    Unicorn Gymnastics Leotard Matching Doll Leotard

    gymnastics unicorn leotard for 18" doll



    Unicorn Personalized Gymastics Grip Bag

    unicorn personalized gymnastics grip bag



    The Spooky Unicorn Leotard was a very limited-edition design for Halloween 2018 and is no longer avaiilable. If you don't want to miss any of our special designs, limited editions or great sales, click here to get on our VIP email list today! 

    spooky unicorn leotard - no longer available

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  2. When Will My Snowflake Designs Gymnastics Leotards Arrive?

    When Will My Snowflake Designs Gymnastics Leotards Arrive?

    You've placed your gymnastics leotard order or are thinking of buying new leotards and because you're so excited about the cute new leotards, the big question on your mind is  "When will I get them!?"

    girls in gymnastics leotards wondering when their snowflake designs leotards will ship for christmas

    We ship our orders Monday thru Friday.  

    We try to ship out your orders as quick as possible! It depends though on whether it's in stock or personalized or is a custom order. So it may take 1 to 2 weeks to leave our warehouse or longer on certain items. Competition leotards in particular may take up to 4 weeks.

    If you have any questions or are on a deadline, we recommend that you call us at 888.509.6234 and tell us more about your order, your location, and your deadline so we can figure out how best to meet your needs.  

    You can get a lot more specific information about order times and shipping times and methods for your specific location here: Shipping Information

    What about specifically during the holidays? Here is our current, TENTATIVE shipping schedule for the 2018 holiday season. Right now, the massive volume of political advertisements is bogging down our local post office shipping center (and probably yours too) so we are working hard to find other options.

    You can subscribe to our newsletter here if you want to get email updates on shipping times (plus notices on some great sales!).

    Check back here for updates. But for best results and happier gymnasts, shop early :-)

    TENTATIVE Snowflake Designs Leotards Shipping Schedule for the 2018 Holiday Season:

    • Anything going out of country, USPS, cannot be guaranteed for Christmas Delivery. Please call us about DHL service. 1-888-509-6234.

    • Monday, Dec  10: We will change shipping to UPS shipping only. This gives us better ability to track your packages and know where they are.

    • Monday, Dec  17: This is the last day to ship UPS 3 Day Select packages to be delivered before Christmas Day (delivery on Friday, Dec 22nd).

    • Wednesday, Dec. 19: All UPS 2nd Day Air packages picked up today will be delivered by Dec. 22. UPS 3 Day Select packages picked up today will be delivered after Christmas Day.

    • Friday, Dec. 21: This is the last day to ship all UPS Next Day Air packages in time for Christmas Day (delivery on Monday, Dec 24th).

    • Monday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve: No UPS pickup. UPS Express Critical service available.

    • Tuesday, Dec. 25, Christmas Day: No UPS pickup or delivery service.
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  3. Halloween Costume Ideas Using Leotards

    image of gymnast wearing superhero costume made from a leotard, cape, and mask

    Are you looking for some quick and easy Halloween costume ideas? Here are several you can make using leotards you might already have (or that you need an excuse to get!) plus a little bit of ingenuity and some basic cutting and sewing.

    And check out our brand new 2018 Halloween Leotard Collection! Here for a limited time only. Check out this video sneek peek:

    Olympic Gymnast: After the amazing performance of the US Women’s team, your gymnast will leap at the chance to dress up like Jade, Morgan, Laurie, Aly, or Simone for Halloween. I love this costume idea because it is SO EASY. Grab a red, white, and blue leo, add sweats and a gold medal, and your gymnast is ready to salute her way around the neighborhood dressed as one of her idols!

    USA Costume

    Fairy Princess: Here’s something for the littlest gymnast. Pair our Sweet Pea leotard (or even a Mermaid leotard) with wings, wand, and a skirt from the local dollar store, and this tiny mite was ready to go. If your little gymnast is not in the mood to wear pink then check out our Mystique Gymnastics leotards for other colors.

    Gymnast in Fairy Costume

    Super Hero: Here’s a fun costume for an older gymnast that is also super easy to create! Our Heroic leotard and gymnastics warmup outfit capris are combined with a cape and eye mask, again from the local dollar store, for a fresh take on being a super hero.

    A Heroic costume using a leotard

    Peacock: Even if you're not super crafty, you can handle this one. Ours turned out really awesome! We started with a turquoise mystique leotard, and some black leggings we already owned. Check Youtube for tutorials on how to make a tulle tutu. There’s are a lot of versions and you are bound to find one that you love.

    You can also check out Snowflake Design’s YouTube videos while you are browsing since we all know that watching one video is almost impossible. HINT: If you use glitter tulle don’t construct your skirt at the kitchen table, or in the kitchen, or inside your home. Our kitchen looked like it was attacked by fairies, and we're still finding glitter 2 weeks later! 

    A picture of pretty peacock gymnast

    Isn't she cute?!

    The Back of a peacock costume

    Sassy Cat and a Bumble Bee: When in doubt, a black leotard makes a great base for a Halloween costume. Add a tail and a kitty mask (or ears and face paint) and you have a sassy black cat that’s ready to celebrate!  Yellow wings, a headband, and a skirt and you have a bee ready to buzz around the neighborhood on Halloween.

    A bee and a cat leotard

    We hope this blog post has given you some great Halloween costume ideas using your leotards. Check out our exclusive 2018 Halloween Leotards here!

    Like these ideas? Share this post with your friends!

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  4. All New Competition Leotards for 2018 - 2019

    Snowflake Designs Gymnastics Leotards is proud to introduce our beautiful, incredible lineup of new competition leotards for girls for 2018 - 2019. 

    This is our most beautiful, creative and unique line of competition girls leotards so far! Our design team took their inspiration from their most beautiful gymnastics leotard dreams to combine  gorgeous new fabrics with layers of techniques from dye-sublimation to Swarovski crystals to hand-sewn embellishments. They have developed our most creative and unique competition leotards ever.

    Check out this introduction video to get a full 360 degree view of some of our favorites, then click here to see the entire competition leotard collection!

    Save 10% When You Go to to Get Our Emails. Or Text GYMNASTICSSTRONG to 33222

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  5. 3 Important Back-to-School Tips for Gymnasts … And Gym Moms!

    Your gymnast has trained all summer. They were able to eat, sleep and breathe gymnastics from the time they woke up until they went to bed. It was glorious! But now, you're looking for back-to-school tip for gymasts.

    Because now, in addition to all the regular kid grumbling about going back to school, you have to deal with 24/7 gymnastics training withdrawal!

    Don’t worry though! We’ve got 3 very important back-to-school tips for gymnasts… and gym moms and dads! Keep reading to find out how to make it back to school.

    3 most important back-to-school tips for gymnasts and gymnastics

    Back-to-School Tips - #1 Be Patient

    This advice is for you and your gymnast! Be patient with them in getting used to their new schedule.

    It’s not just that they can’t focus exclusively on gymnastics, but they have a new class schedule and maybe even a new school if they’ve graduated from kindergarten, elementary school or junior high. That’s hard enough on any kid, much less someone who is still trying to maintain a high level of gymnastics training or who wants to  compete and win in gymnastics.

    Remind your gymnast to be patient with themselves and remind yourself to be patient with them! And how about a reward or treat for surviving their first week of school? Save 10% When You Go to to Get Our Emails. Or Text GYMNASTICSSTRONG to 33222

    back-to-school tips for gymnasts and gymnastics - be patient

    Back-to-School Tips - #2 Get Nutritional Support and Hydrate

    Our oldest generation of Snowflake gymnasts remember when school started after Labor Day, don’t you? It would usually be warm, but it wasn’t summertime-hot like it is when going back to school in August.

    Fitter people can tend to sweat faster and more heavily than others. Your gymnast is fit! And probably small (but fierce) so they’re at risk for getting dehydrated a lot faster than most of their classmates.

    Make sure your gymnast is getting a good breakfast and lunch (and that they are eating it!) and remind them to hydrate - a lot! It’s hard when they go back to school and might not be able to carry a water bottle with them (some schools have banned water bottles). They’ll be used to being able to get a drink when they need it, so remind them to take advantage of every opportunity such as recess, walking between classes and of course PE!

    back-to-school tips for gymnasts and gymnastics - hydrate

    Back-to-School Tips - #3 Beware of Injury

    It might seem like they’ll be less likely to be injured. They’re reducing their volume of training, right? But the overall stress on their bodies - from school, gymnastics, homework and PE - can add up. Check in with them regularly to see how they’re feeling and if they’re not too fatigued or stressed.

    Because gymnasts are SO mentally tough , they often don’t complain until it’s too late. Remind them that it’s not complaining, it’s feedback so that you and they can adjust or add support when it’s needed … before it’s too late.

    They’re also probably getting less sleep. We remember when our kids were in gymnastics and school. They’d be up at 6 a.m. to get ready for school, then they’d train and then have hours of homework. Sometimes no one in the house would get to bed before 10 p.m. … which was stressful on everyone!

    In these last few weeks before school, now is the time to prepare. Remember, this is a big adjustment for you and for your gymnast. These back-to-school tips for gymnasts will help you plan ahead and be ready for problems and just plain tough days.

    Check out our newest gymnastics leotard collections here.

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