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Snowflake Designs Consignment Program

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Snowflake Designs, Inc. has been supplying leotards and gymnastics apparel for over 30 years. Snowflake garments can be found in all 50 states as well as many countries around the world. They are the best leotards around! 


We offer a recurring Consignment program for your pro-shop or parent club that allows you to continuously offer Snowflake garments to your gymnasts and make a profit at the same time (Definitely a win-win!). A new consignment is shipped every 6 weeks, and we rotate our stock constantly so there will always be something new in your Snowflake box (A big plus for any gym!). When you receive the new shipment simply return the unsold garments and pay for what you have sold.Garments are provided to you at 35% below the suggested retail price.


*Please note that our consignment program is NOT available out of the United States.  (Please see our wholesale program)


You can also arrange a Meet or Special Event Consignment package. A Meet/Special Event Consignment supplies your gym with a large quantity of leotards, clothing, shorts, and accessories for 21 days. When you are finished, pack the unsold merchandise up and ship it back with payment for the items sold.


For either an ongoing consignment or a meet/special event consignment, a signed contract must be on file with Snowflake Designs, Inc. We require 2 valid credit card numbers on file to cover any costs in case a bill should fail to be paid.


 Snowflake Designs, Inc. believes that consignment/risk-free programs only work if gyms are able to sell the products they receive. What works for one gym may not work for another gym.  We strive to be flexible and fit your needs whether your program has 300 students or 3,000 students. Above all else, we are proud of our products.  We believe you will find them of the highest quality.  We stand behind every leotard we make.   We welcome inquiries and look forward to working with you!




Kindra Snow-Walker

Vice President


2893 Larkin Ave. 

Clovis, CA 93612-3917 

559-291-6234 or 888-509-6234

Fax 559 291-6096



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Business name

federal tax id or ss#

Business address  (street, city, state, zip)

Business phone

email address

resale permit # (attach copy)

Business fax



person in charge


personal address  (street, city, state, zip)

personal phone


business reference 1


Business address  (street, city, state, zip)

business reference 2


Business address  (street, city, state, zip)



card type   VISA    Mastercard   Discover   American Express

Expiration Date  [MO/DAY/year]                                /          /

card number

                                                   --                     --               --

security code (3-digit code on back of card A/E  4 digit on Front)

name as printed on card



Card holder signature



card type   VISA    Mastercard   Discover   American Express

Expiration Date  [MO/DAY/year]                                /          /

card number

                                                   --                     --               --

security code (3-digit code on back of card A/E  4 digit on Front)

name as printed on card



Card holder signature


The following persons are authorized to use these cards on my behalf:









I/We hereby agree to sell Snowflake Designs, Inc merchandise under the following conditions: 

  1. A monthly finance charge of 1% (APR 12%) will be charged on all past due balances unless prior arrangements have been made.
  2. I/We authorize Snowflake Designs, Inc.to charge past due balances to the credit card on file.
    1. I/We can pay for merchandise before shipping or set up net 10 (Gym Meets)/45 terms.
    2. I/We agree to pay for all merchandise or return unsold items for credit to account.
    3. I/We understand I/We are responsible for all shipping costs.
    4. I/We agree to pay all attorney fees if Snowflake Designs, Inc.deems legal action is required to recover payment for goods shipped.
    5. I/We agree to advertise under Snowflake Designs, Inc.s Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAPP).
    6. A $25.00 service fee will be charged for all returned checks.
    7. I/We understand all items shipped to us by Snowflake Designs, Inc.remain the sole property of Snowflake Designs, Inc.until paid in full.
    8. I/We understand there is a onetime charge of $300 on every new consignment account that is opened.  This fee will be applied to the balance of your first consignment box when it is returned.  Should this fee be more than the balance of your first returned consignment box, we will refund your credit card the overage. 


    Signature___________________________________________      Date___________________


    Print Name ___________________________________________________________________


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