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Snowflake Designs
2893 Larkin - Clovis, CA 93612
(559) 291-6234 - TOLL-FREE (888) 509-6234
24hr FAX (559) 291-6096
Email: [email protected]


  Business/Gym Name_________________________________________
  Business Address     _________________________________________

  City/State/Zip       ____________________________________________
  Fed Tax ID or SS #   __________________________________________  
  Business Phone       __________________________________________
  Business Fax         ___________________________________________
  Email address        ___________________________________________

  Person in Charge____________________________________________
  Address              _____________________________________________
  City/State/Zip       _____________________________________________
  Personal Phone #  ____________________________________________

  Business Reference   ________________________________________
  Address              _____________________________________________
  City/State/Zip       ____________________________________________
  Phone                _____________________________________________

  * Resale Permit #    ___________________________(MUST include copy)

  Credit Card #1                                      Credit Card #2
  Visa MasterCard Discover AmEx             Visa MasterCard Discover AmEx
  Name     _________________________   Name     ________________________
  CC#   ____________________________   CC#   ___________________________

  Expiration Date __________________      Expiration Date     _____________
  Security Code (3 digit)___________         Security Code (3 digit)__________
  Drivers License __________________      Drivers License   _______________ 
  Birthdate_________________________    Birthdate________________________  

  Card Holder Signature_______________   Card Holder Signature__________________

I/We hereby agree to sell Snowflake Designs leotards under the following 
conditions. We can purchase the leotards directly, or set up Net 10/30/45 
terms. We agree to pay for the leotards, or return those that are unsold 
for credit (consignment only).  We understand  that we are responsible 
for all shipping costs. A finance charge of 1% monthly (APR 12%) will be 
charged on all PAST DUE balances unless prior consideration has been 
made ahead of time. We also understand that if there is any trouble 
collecting on the account, that Snowflake Designs has our permission 
to charge our credit cards for the outstanding balance due. A $25.00
service fee will be charged for all returned checks.  Buyer agrees to pay 
all attorney fees if action is required.

  Signature ________________________________________ Date _____________